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We believe that quality lies not only in the product we produce but also in our process and in our people, as demonstrated in the quality management system we have implemented.

Quality Policy ofKazi Industries is a badge all our employees carry, as we had it made into a badge for each of them. All employees as well as our Directors have signed our Quality Policy as an indication of their support.

Quality Policy

Kazi industries is committed to provide the quality products and serviced that are in conformance with specified requirement of customer and fit for their intended purpose. To ensure and improve customer satisfaction by continually improving effectiveness of the quality management system.

List of Inspection Equipments

Sr. No. Description Rating Least count in mm Parameter Manufacturers Name
1 Trimos height micro meter 0-600 0.0001mm For precision measurement of height ,length ,width ,diameter. Trimos swiss
2 Profile projector 0-360 degree 0.001 mm For inspection of thread profile of tools ,gauges ,small precision parts,angular dimension Microtechnica Italy
3 Vernier calipers 0 – 12″ 0.020mm For precision measurement of height Mitutoyo japan
4 Digimatic vernier 0 – 8″ 0.010mm For precision measurement of height Nsk Japan
5 Hardness tester 25 – 64 hrc 1 rc Hardness testing S. M. India ltd
6 Sine table sc-6/300 O-60 0.001mm For precision measurement of angle Chelmsford england
7 Height gauge 0 – 300mm 0.0.2 mm For precision measurement of height Mitutoyo japan
8 Pneumatic gauge 1 – 40 mm 0.001 mm For precision measurement of hole and diameter Baker india ltd.
9 Digital printer For micrometer 0 –1000 Readings 0-1000 nos For reroding readoutof instrument Nskjapan
10 Surface plate 300 x500 Inspection grade For inspection Class 2 grade
11 Dial gauges 0 –10 0.001mm For inspection of job Mitutoyo japan
12 Angle dekkor 0.5min 0-300mm For measurement of angles U.k
13 Bevel protractor 0 – 360 1″ For setting on machine Mitutoyo
14 Micrometers external 0 – 25 0.001 mm For production Mitutoyo japan
15 Micrometers External 25 – 50 0.001 mm For production Mitutoyo japan
16 Micrometers External 25– 50 0.001mm For production Mitutoyo japan
17 Micrometers External 75 – 125 0.001 mm For production Mitutoyo japan
18 Micrometers External 50 – 75 0.001 mm For production Mitutoyo japan
19 Surface texture Measurement m/c 0.2micron 0-50mm For checking surface finish England
20 Conductivity meter Type smp1b 0-0.5ms 1-107% For conductivity of components Helmut fisher germany
21 Digital multi meter 0.001v 0-440v To check conductivity For calibration
22 Sigma mechanical comparator 0.005mm 0-300mm For insp.of diameters England
23 Gauge block comparator 0.001 mm 0-200mm For calibration of gauges Fedral u.s.a
24 Micrometers External 0 – 300 0.010 mm For production Mitutoyo japan
25 Carbide slip gauge 0-.001mm 0-300mm For production Mitutoyo japan